Looking forward to stay positive

In effort to keep things positive around here, I’m going to talk about some things that I’m excited about. I like to consider myself a generally positive person (I even got an award at work partly due to my “sunny personality”), but this struggle with running lately has me leaning toward the negative side, and I can’t let that happen (I don’t want to give my award back). So, here are some things I’m looking forward to in the near future:

  • Running not being so miserable. Yeah, things suck now running-wise, but I keep having hope that they won’t in the future. If they don’t improve, I might not be so positive and cheery. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts.
  • Running on the treadmill. Yes, that thing! I’m in South Carolina this week visiting my boyfriend, and he belongs to an amazing gym with amazing treadmills. Yes, I’ve run on the treadmill the last two nights, but I want to do it again. Maybe things are starting to turn around? Keep thinking positively.
I love you, non-craptastic gym.
  • Returning to Florida. As nice as it is to visit my boyfriend and have a spiffy gym to use, I do miss my regular routine, my running group, my friends, my co-workers (also friends) and warmer weather.
  • Getting back to my SodaStream. I miss my bubbles. I got this magical device for Christmas, and I’m addicted. Sparkling water ALL THE TIME. Seriously, best gift ever.
  • Watching the Grammys. I get all giddy about this awards show. I love it (unlike almost every other award show).
  • Running the 10K at the Best Damn Race. This race was such a blast last year, I can’t wait to run it again (even if running is kind of crappy now). Friends, a beautiful course, fun and beer await!

    Best Damn Race (and it was)

    Best Damn Race (and it was)

  • Watching the Super Bowl. As a football fan, I’ve always loved the Super Bowl. Add in some funny commercials and an amazing (Want to know how amazing? Just ask. I’ll be happy to tell you.) halftime performer, and it’s going to rock even harder.

    Making the Super Bowl even more awesome

    Making the Super Bowl even more awesome

  • Going to spring training games. I adore baseball. Add in warm weather and my dad, and it makes for the perfect trifecta.

    Ahh, spring training life

What are you looking forward to? How do you stay positive?


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5 responses to “Looking forward to stay positive

  1. Keep it going. The running does get easier!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not enjoying running, but I’m kind of jealous about all that traveling!! I signed up as a volunteer at the Best Damn Race, but I haven’t heard back yet so we shall see!

  3. I am happy your blog is back!!!! I have been trying to put one little thing on my blog for like a million years and it is driving me crazy- a total re-haul- that is some serious irritation. Sorry running has been crappy lately. Hopefully as the weather gets better and you do some fun races it will feel better. Maybe you need a little rest? Or to add in something else like zumba or Pilates for variation?

    • Aww, thanks! It was and still is seriously frustrating. ARGH. Not sure why I had that silly idea.

      Good idea on trying something else to break up running. I’m so focused on it, I think it would be a good idea to try something new. I’ll have to see what Groupon deals I can find. :c)

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